Online Ordering with GrubHub


Breadcrumb has partnered with Grubhub to streamline online ordering operations. With the optional GrubHub integration, orders placed on GrubHub flow directly into Breadcrumb Point of Sale. You will also benefit from the menu integration. With the integration, your Breadcrumb online ordering menu (which we'll create for you during sign up) is always up-to-date at GrubHub. No more managing items, prices or quantities in two places. Breadcrumb 2.8.0 includes support for GrubHub Integrated Ordering. You must update to 2.8.0 to use this feature. 

Sound good? Here's how to get this integration.  

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Set up for current Grubhub customers

Not already a GrubHub customer? 

Menu and Inventory Management

In-Service with GrubHub Integrated Ordering 

Pause Orders

GrubHub Settings & Support

Reconciling online order report

End Integration



Set up for current Grubhub customers

  1. Go to HQ > General Settings and click the Online Ordering Tab. 
  2. Click the enable toggle to on. 


3. Enter your GrubCentral username and Grubhub URL.

The Breadcrumb team will take it from here. We'll update your menu and ensure that your connection with GrubHub is correct. This will take a day or two. Once that's ready, we'll alert you so that you can go live.   


Not a GrubHub customer? 

For Breadcrumb customers interested in increasing revenue with Grubhub learn more here.



Menu and Inventory Management

Once you opt-into integrated GrubHub delivery, the team at Breadcrumb will create your online ordering menu so that it aligns with the menu names and descriptions in GrubHub. This will only take a day or two. Once you have approved the menu and gone live, you will manage your online ordering items in Breadcrumb and updates will automatically flow to GrubHub within a few seconds.  



In-Service with GrubHub Integrated Ordering


When a diner places an order on GrubHub it will flow directly into your Breadcrumb POS. You must "accept" the order before it is active in the system. 

1. Seeing New Checks: New and unaccepted orders appear on the check icon and at the top of the check list. 



2. Accepting Checks: Any server with permission to work checks can tap the check to accept it. Once the check has been accepted the order is sent to the kitchen and GrubHub is alerted that the check is accepted. The server who accepts the check becomes the check owner.

Checks that are not accepted will remain in the queue. 


 3. Closing Out Checks - most GrubHub orders are pre-paid, so they need only be closed out to the GrubHub Integrated tender in Breadcrumb. If an order is pre-paid, you will automatically shortcut to that tender. (Learn more about tenders here.) 



For online orders were the customer has elected to pay with cash, tapping the 'Payments' button will take you through the standard close out flow. Read on about closing out checks to cash



Pause Orders

If your kitchen needs some time to get out of the weeds you can pause taking orders from Grubhub from the Home Screen of the app. Tap the 'Online Ordering Tile' and toggle orders off. Your orders will automatically resume the following day during your normal Grubhub hours.


Grubhub Settings and Support

Delivery zones, item schedules, default estimates, and other Grubhub settings are still controlled in GrubCentral. For questions about your deposit or Grubhub account please contact Grubhub at 1.877.799.0790.




Reconciling online order reports

The server that accepts an online order check becomes that check's owner. The check will appear on the server's check out report and the tip will be attributed to them. Accepted online orders can be transferred to other servers. 

To balance your Grubhub deposit with your orders fulfilled head to the Payments report. Filter the Tender Type by 'Grubhub Integrated'. You can then drill down further by Daypart and Delivery vs. Pick Up. 




GrubHub Managed Delivery

Some restaurants utilize Grubhub delivery drivers instead of employing their own. If your venue uses Grubhub Managed Delivery an order's driver details (name, phone number, car make, etc) will appear as a check note once Grubhub has assigned a driver. Check notes can viewed on the app or on the customer and chit.





To mark an order as 'Ready for Driver' simply close the check. Closing the check will send the dispatch signal to the driver. Learn more about Grubhub Managed Delivery. 



End Your GrubHub Integration

You can terminate your online ordering integration from the Online Ordering tab of HQ's General Settings. Toggle the enable button off to cease receiving online orders.