Breadcrumb Live is now Upserve Live

Breadcrumb Live is now Upserve Live


Upgrade from Breadcrumb Live to the turbo charged Upserve Live Mobile App by tapping "Update" next to the Breadcrumb Live icon from the Apple App store. 

Upserve Live the in-your-pocket answer for viewing restaurant's data on the go. Log in with your HQ username and password. To access the app ensure your HQ username has "View Reports" permissions on its role settings.

Refresh the app to get up to the minute live data by swiping down on the home screen. Thumb through daily net sales, labor, and more by swiping left and right. Tap the date to reveal a calendar picker. Select any single date, or date range.

For restauranteurs with multiple locations tap the 'Location' icon to switch to another venue. 


Upserve Live is broken into a few major sections:

Net Sales: Up-to-the-instant net sales data, graphed across time. Tap into theNet Sales tile for a detailed view broken down by hour. The detailed view shows additional information net sales by category.

Checks: Count of checks in the selected date range selected. Tap the Checks tile to compare Open versus Closed checks graphed by hour. Zoom in on individual checks to see name, start time, and total.

Guests:Number of guests in the selected date range. Tap the Guests tile to show the growth of guests over time. You will need to track guest count in Breadcrumb for accurate reporting.

Labor: Calculates percentage of labor dollars spent to your gross sales within the selected date range. Tapping the Labor tile breaks down the labor categories.

Comps: Percent of gross sales that have been comped. Tap the Comps tile to drill down into a detailed list of comps issued.

Voids: Number of voids for the selected date range. Tap the Voids tile for the number of voids, the voided revenue, and listing of approved times and values of individual voids. Tap into an individual void to see the Void Reason applied. 

Top Categories: Ranking of categories based on quantities of items sold and net sales.