Breadcrumb 2.7.5 - March 10, 2017

Breadcrumb 2.7.5, released on March 10, includes important updates to reliability, stability and offline mode. This release will include these offline mode updates:


  • We've updated offline mode to ensure that it will activate when needed, even if you're not yet logged in.
  • We've made offline mode smarter so you will no longer see the offline mode bar after backgrounding the app.
  • Simpler syncing means that you'll no longer see the red and green bars as the app emerges from offline mode. Your staff on the floor will experience a smooth transition from offline mode to connectivity.
  • We've added more logging and metrics to more accurately measure the state of the Breadcrumb network as well as each customer's own state. You can see the Breadcrumb network monitoring at You can also subscribe to text and email alerts that will tell you exactly what is happening in the event of a service disruption. 
  • Payments performance is stronger and faster. You'll see returned messages faster with connections and in offline mode. 

We strongly suggest that you update as soon as you can. Learn more about app updates here, and remember, when you update one iPad, you must update all of them.