Add Printer Group

Add Printer Groups

Printer groups allow you to cluster individual printers that are designated for a specific area of your venue, such as bar and kitchen printers. Each printer must be assigned to at least one printer group. For instance, your Kitchen Expo printer would belong to all of the different groups in your kitchen, while the Cold Station printer would only be in the Cold Station printer group.

Each printer group gives you the option to print course lines that describe the course each item belongs in. Printer Groups must be set up in HQ before printers can be configured on the iPad.

To add a Printer Group

  1. Go to HQ > Settings > Printer Groups and click Add. (If you're completing set up using the Breadcrumb App, tap the System Admin tile on the home screen.)2017-03-20_15-48-13_01.png
  2. Type a descriptive name (e.g. Hot Prep, Bar Right, Server Downstairs) in the Group Name field. Click "Print course lines" if you want to separate tickets by course. Click Save. 2017-03-20_15-48-13_01.png
  3. Click Add Printer. Select one or more printers to add to this printer group. Click done. When the modal closes, click save. 2017-03-20_15-54-40.png


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