Upserve Live Version 2.1

Whats new in Upserve Live Version 2.1: 

Dark Mode

Do you check Upserve Live from the floor? We've added Dark Mode to keep your reports easy on the eyes and discreet in dark environments. Choose your mode by tapping the top left Upserve icon, then Settings. Tap the "Dark mode" switch to enable. Your selection is saved and can be changed at any time.


Sales by Hour

Thanks to your feedback, we added a new graph that you can use to view sales by hour. From the dashboard, tap the "Net Sales" graph. You will see a new chart that displays your sales by hour and a comparison to the previous week or year, depending upon your current comparison selection. You can gain additional insight by long-tapping on the graph and sliding your finger along the chart. This will show you the specific value for each hour's sales.


Quickly Understand Change

We have added deltas to many parts of Upserve Live. These visual cues show you change in performance. Improvements are shown in green while issues are shown in red.


Year Over Year Comparisons

Last week isn't always the best guide for how tonight is doing. Compare today's performance to this time last year. Tap the "Compare to" menu at the bottom of the screen. You can toggle between last year and last week. Your selection will persist as you use Upserve Live and can be changed at any time.


General Performance Improvements

We've dramatically improved the stability and performance of Upserve Live in this release. We've also added tools to help us diagnose issues when they're reported. You can reach us directly in Upserve Live by tapping the top left Upserve icon, then Help Center.