Menu Download and Upload

It's easy to download, edit and upload your menu. Items and Modifiers each have their own unique download and upload. 

To download your item menu:

Go to HQ > Menus > Items. Click the Export Items CSV button. 

To download your modifiers menu:

Go to HQ > Menus > Modifiers. Click the Export Modifiers CSV button. 


MAKE MASS EDITS to your menu: 


 Please NOTE: Item Groups are now called Display Groups.


 Follow these steps to edit your menu using the item uploader:

  1. Download the CSV spreadsheet that you will use to edit your menu.
    1. Download a sample CSV template from the CSV Import page. Use this file to start adding new items from scratch.
    2. Download a completed spreadsheet of your items by clicking the “Export” button on the top of the item page. Use this file to edit existing items and/or add new items on a new line!
  2. Open up the CSV file using excel or your preferred program.
  3. IMMEDIATELY use the SAVE AS... function so that you preserve a copy of your original menu! 
  4. Start editing existing items or adding new ones! The column headers correspond with the inputs you are familiar with on each item’s page in HQ.
    1. Item ID - This will be filled in by HQ and should be left blank for new items or not edited for existing items. The ID could be used as reference to determine which item is being edited.
    2. Item Name - The name of the item in the Breadcrumb system
    3. Chit Name - The name that will print on all tickets; limited to 16 characters
    4. Receipt Name - The name that will print on customer-facing receipts; limited to 17 characters
    5. Description (optional) - A description of the item to save in the system
    6. Sort Code (optional) - A code that allows you to easily search for groups of item
    7. Price - Item price
    8. Cost - Item cost
    9. Tax Rate - Write the name of the tax rate applicable; view a list of tax rates to choose from on HQ under Settings then Taxes.
    10. Station (optional) - The name of the printer group where the chit will print; if left blank, the item will inherit printer settings from its category
    11. Category - The item’s category
    12. Course - The item’s default course
    13. Allow Price Override (optional) - Input a ‘1’ to allow price override on this item; leave blank or ‘0’ to set the price to fixed.
    14. Min Sides - The minimum number of sides
    15. Max Sides - The maximum number of sides
    16. Status - ‘Active’ or ‘Archived’
    17. Reset Stock On Close (optional) - ‘Use Default’ or ‘Keep Stock Levels’
    18. Modifier Groups (optional) - Input the names of all modifier groups you would like to attach to the item in the order they will display separated by semicolon. These names need to match existing modifier group names.
    19. Display Groups (optional) - Input the names of all Display Groups you would like to add the item to separated by semicolon. These names need to match existing Display Group names.
  5. Once the spreadsheet is saved, click the “Upload CSV” button.
  6. Choose the file and see the preview.
  7. Click the “Upload file” when ready
  8. You will receive an email with the results of the upload.
    1. If successful, you will see the number of new items imported, existing items updated, and existing items that were unchanged.
    2. If failed, you will see an error indicating the row on on your spreadsheet where the error occurs.