Map Account Settings to QuickBooks Journal Entries

If your business account settings in QuickBooks don't match the presets we created in Breadcrumb, follow these steps to map them before you upload anything into QuickBooks. 

  1. On the Accounting Export report, click Edit Account Mappings to bring up the master list of all possible accounts generated through your Breadcrumb sales.
  2. Insert the correct account name and/or account number to update your settings. Any edited field will be highlighted.
    Note: if an account number is set, the account name will not be able to be used in the export.

  3. Click Save. If there are any problematic edits, you will need to correct them before you can save the mappings. 

  4. If your file import to QuickBooks returns an error that says "You must specify a vendor name for the [Account Name] account" click the Edit Vendor Names button and add a vendor name to that account.

  5. After you save, your journal entry preview and exports will have the new fields specified. We will never attempt to create or update any account that you edited on the Account Mappings page when you import to your company file in the downloaded export file.