Create and apply modifier groups

Modifier Groups are created and edited in Breadcrumb HQ. Modifier Groups enable users to quickly locate applicable modifiers. Modifiers Groups are accessible in the app from the "Edit Item" screen.

Modifiers describes a customer preference as instruction to the kitchen, such as a Serve on Side instruction or Peanut Allergy. You would create a list of each modifier that describe the specific instructions, before grouping them in a Modifier Group. Learn how to create an individual modifier.

After a Modifier Group is created, it is attached to an Item that requires that type of modification. Modifiers are added to Modifier Groups.

To Create a Modifier Group

  1. Login to Breadcrumb HQ or pin into the Breadcrumb App
  2. Click Menus
  3. Click Modifier Groups
  4. Click Create Modifier Group
  5. In the Name section:
    • Type a name that describes the group in Group Name.
    • Type a name that will display in the application in Display Name. The name will appear to a user when viewing a list of available modifier groups for an item.

  6. In the Sort Code section, type a code that will help you keep track of the item. The Sort Code appears as the first column in the Items section of Breadcrumb HQ. You can click on the title to sort items by this code.
  7. Select "Active" in the Status drop-down menu for the group to appear in the application. Selecting "Archive" will remove that mod group as an option in the application.
  8. Check "Print name" if you want the Group Name to print on kitchen tickets and customer receipts that contain modifiers with an up charge.
  9. The Maximum number caps the amount of modifiers you can select from this group.
  10. The Minimum number is the required number of modifiers needed from this group. Leave the minimum at 0 if you want this mod group's options to be optional. Set at 1 or more if you would like this mod group to be required. Learn more about mod group minimums and maximums.
  11. In the Modifiers section:
    • Click Assign Modifiers
    • Locate and select the modifiers that you want to include in the Modifier Group
    • Click Done

  12. Click Save to finish


To Apply a Modifier Group to an Item

  1. Create a Modifier Group as described above
  2. Click Items on the top navigation bar
  3. In Items, select an item where you want the group to appear
  4. In the selected item, click Assign Modifier Groups
  5. Locate and select the group(s) that you want to apply
  6. Click Done
  7. Click and drag on the three lines to the left of the mod group name in order to rearrange the ordering of these mod groups on the item
  8. Click Save