Create a Service Fee

Breadcrumb allows the creation of items whose prices are based on a percent of the bill subtotal.

You can use these variable priced items to automatically add an 18% service charge to your checks or cover a non-tax surcharge like San Francisco's health care surcharge. 

If your venue wants to use a service fee in place of allowing customer tips, learn how to disable the tip line on credit card signature slips.

How to create a service fee item:

  1. Go to Menus -> Items -> Create Item
  2. In the Item Type drop down at the top of the page, select Service Fee

  3. Complete all of the required details indicated with an asterisk and any desired optional fields.
  4. Make sure to check off all check types (Table, Tab, To Go, Delivery) that you would like the fee to apply to automatically. If all are left blank, you will need to add the fee item to each check individually.

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