Breadcrumb + QuickBooks

Breadcrumb and Quickbooks Desktop play well together! Breadcrumb exports a journal file of your sales data that you can then upload to QuickBooks. 

How it works:

  1. Load the report – Go to HQ > Reports and select Accounting Export.

  2. Select date(s) – Use the date selector to specify the desired day(s) to export. We limit the number of days up to 1 month to ensure that you can preview each day's journal entry prior to uploading it. Each day uploads to QuickBooks as a distinct journal entry.

  3. Verify/edit accounts – Your sales data is mapped to the accounts established by the National Restaurant Association's Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants. Verify they match your QuickBooks settings prior to importing. Learn more about how verify and map your accounts here.

  4. Download IIF file – Click the download button to download your journal entries into an Intuit Interchange Format (IIF) file.

  5. Import into QuickBooks – Follow Intuit's instructions  to import IIF files into your QuickBooks desktop.

If you use Quickbooks for Web, our partner provides the proper secure connection and data ports to support Quickbooks for web. 

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