Installing Pre-Release Versions of Breadcrumb

Breadcrumb releases a new version our app about every six weeks. We usually make the release available in pre-release a couple of weeks ahead of the general release. We use TestFlight, an Apple App Store service, to distribute these pre-release versions of Breadcrumb.

Any app version in TestFlight is thoroughly tested; Testflight allows us to distribute the app in pre-release about a week before we launch.  These versions are the same version we submit to the App Store for launch. 

By installing the TestFlight Pre-Release version of Breadcrumb you will have the opportunity to access our newest features and improvements and to provide feedback to our product and engineering teams to help shape the future of Breadcrumb. 

Install Testflight on your iPad

Interested in participating in pre-release programs? Email and we'll send you an invitation. 

Open the email on one of your iPads and follow the download prompts. This should take approximately 2-4 minutes per device.

If you have multiple devices you will need to install the TestFlight version on every device. Once you have downloaded the TestFlight version on one iPad open the App Store on your additional iPads, search for ‘TestFlight’, download, and open. Once you have the TestFlight App open you will see Breadcrumb available to download on additional devices. Complete download on all devices.

Important to note:

  • All iPads must be on the same Apple ID.
  • The Email invitation does not need to be sent to the Apple ID email.
  • You must open the invitation email on an iPad.
  • You will need to know your Apple ID Password.
  • If Breadcrumb is running on a TestFlight version will have a small orange dot next to it.
  • The TestFlight version will overwrite the App Store version.
  • Once the new version of the App is published to the App Store you will need to re-download the App from the App Store, unless you would like to continue testing upcoming versions.