Training: Getting Started with Breadcrumb for Servers

Breadcrumb makes it fast and easy to serve your customers, turn tables and keep the kitchen happy, even if it's your first day. Once you start using Breadcrumb, you'll find all kinds of short cuts, tools and tips to make service faster and more fun for you and your guests. Click any link to jump directly to that section. 

Getting Started

Start a Check - Table Service

Start a Check - Quick Serve

Add Items to a Check

Take a Payment

Check Management Tips

End of Shift

Offline Mode


Getting Started:

Managers and owners set up roles and users in the system. You will receive a PIN that is unique to you. Once you PIN in to the app, you'll clock in and then land on the default screen for your role. For table service, we recommend view/table as the default screen. Your manager may even assign you a specific zone. Need to get that set? Here's how

Here's an overview of Breadcrumb's home screen. 

Start a Check - Table Mode

In Table serve mode, you start a check by tapping on zone (if present) and then the table at which your guests are seated. Tap the number of guests at the table to get to the check. The check name will be the table name.




Now your check is ready to add items. Notice the Table Name is at the top of the check. 


Start a Check - Quick Serve  Mode - Servers who use quick serve mode will default to the main check screen. If you are on the home screen, tap the Quick Serve icon. Once here, you can add items to the check. 

After you've added one or more items, you can:

  • Tap Fast Cash, which automatically sends the chit to the kitchen and pops the cash drawer. 
  • Tap the top of the check to add a name or number. This works well for restaurants that have counter ordering and delivery to the table. 
  • Swipe a customer credit card to name the check. This works well for bar tabs or other restaurants that keep open tabs in the system. NOTE: You must re-swipe the credit card to capture payment. 

Here's an example of  Tap to Name with a deliver to table number added. If you are going to capture the payment immediately, tap save. 


Adding Items to a Check

As with your default view, your manager may assign you a default menu. Navigate menus by tapping the tabs on the right. Tap the search bar at the top of the screen to search for any item. Tap the item to add it to a check. 

If there are modifiers or sides, the app will guide you through all required elements of each dish. 

Once you've added dishes, tap Send. This will route chits to the proper location. (Kitchen, Bar, etc.) 






Tap Fast Cash to quickly close a check. For credit cards, swipe the card to proceed to the authorization screen. Pro tip: You can swipe a card on the check screen to get into the payment flow. 

Need to split a check? Tap any of the shortcuts and swipe the cards. 

You can add your tips during service or at the end. Tap Tip adjust to do it while you have a check open, or visit the Tip Adjust screen to make bulk updates. 

Add the amount to either credit or cash. Tap Done & Close. 


More Check Management Basics

Item Search: Tap the search box at the top of the check screen to search for any active item on the menu. 

Separate bulk orders into individual line items

Repeat previously ordered items

Split payments across credit cards 

Add a tip to a check. You can do this in bulk by visiting the check list screen

Move an item to another check

Void or Comp a check

Ending Your Shift

You've worked hard! When it's time to end your shift, or just take a break, it's easy to transfer checks, close out, and get your end-of-shift drink. 

Take a Break

Transfer Checks

Get your Checkout Report; you can view it or print it. 


Offline Mode

Breadcrumb is web based and sometimes the internet just doesn't work. When this happens, don't worry! Breadcrumb has you covered. For the most part, the only thing you need to know is that you should not work the same check on different iPads while in offline mode. If you do, some items could be lost. Thirsty for more info? Read these articles:  

Breadcrumb App

We hope you'll love using Breadcrumb as much as we love building it.