My printer is offline/not printing

If all of your printers are down, please visit the All Printer Troubleshooting article.

If you have just one or two printers not working, try these steps. 

  1. Unplug the power cord from the back of the printer for 10 seconds. Plug it back in. 
  2. From the home screen of the iPad, visit Device Center. IMG_0032_2.PNG
  3. If the printer that is not working has a red exclamation mark, tap the printer name to see why it's not working. 
    • Troubleshoot connections:
      • Unplug the power cord from the back of printer for 10 seconds then plug the power cord back in.
      • Verify that the CAT5 cable is firmly plugged into the ethernet port on the back of the printer and into the router.
      • Ensure that the two small lights on either side of the port are blinking.
    • Check HQ - Sometimes people inadvertently update printers in HQ and this can cause issues. Follow the steps in Printer Groups and Printers to ensure that the printers in question are set up properly. IMG_0033.PNG

4. If the printer in question has a green check mark, it's probably a customer receipt printer issue. Tap Print Settings and ensure that the customer receipt printer is set and that the printer has paper. IMG_0039.PNG


If these steps don't resolve the issue: 

If the printer still has a red exclamation mark in the printer center, check to make sure that the printer is getting a proper connection to the network by printing a test slip. Under the main headings ‘Current Network Status’ or ‘TCP/IP’ you will see a line showing the IP address.

For Epson printers, if the ip address is, it means the printer has been factory reset. Call Breadcrumb Support at888.514.4644 for help.

For Citizen printers, if the ip address is, this is a User Configuration IP, and this IP will be unable to bring your printer online. Also, newer Citizen printers come with a fixed IP address. When you print a test slip, you should see a fixed IP, and also an IP address located under a section where it says Current Network Status. The IP scheme you are looking for is located under Current Network Status, and should resemble the other printers within your network. If it is showing under the current network status, you will want to hold the reset button on the back once until it beeps, and then hold the reset button down until it beeps again. It should then reset the IP scheme for your network. 

Is there an IP address listed?


  • If there is no IP address then that means there is something wrong with the connection between the printer and the router (or switch). Make sure that the ethernet cord is plugged in securely on both ends. 
  • Print another test slip and see if you are getting an IP address. If you are still not getting an IP address then either something is wrong with the cord (in which case you are going to have to get a new one) or the jack on either the printer or the switch/router is faulty.


  • You are going to have to figure out if your printers are set up to configure manually or not, and then enter the IP address in HQ 


C. Look in HQ under settings. Click on 'Printers' tab to the left (see above image) and then click on the printer that is not working. You will then see the below image (device type will be different depending on your printer). 

If the 'Configure Manually' check box is checked it means that the assigned IP address of the printer is static, and will never change in HQ. If it is not checked it means that the router will dynamically assign an IP address to the printer, much like a wireless client, each time it is reconnected to the network.  

If ‘configure manually’ is checked and printers are not found on app:

  • Then verify that the ethernet cable is attached on both the rear panel of the printer and router/switch/Access Point that it is connected to. A LED link light (LAN status) should illuminate on both devices.
  • Print out a test slip on the printer and make sure the ip address under ‘network’ is the same in HQ.

If ‘configure manually’ is not checked and printers are not found on app:

  • Disconnecting and reconnecting the unfound printer’s ethernet cable from the printer usually enables the printer to be found within the Printer Center.
  • If not, then try deleting and re-adding the printer in HQ (not printer group!) and then force quit the Breadcrumb Application and open the Print Center again.
  • If this solution works, force quit and restart Breadcrumb on all iPads and verify that all printers are printing orders correctly and the correct customer receipt options are selected.