Video: How do I manage users from the Breadcrumb app

Users are managed from the Employees section of the Breadcrumb.
From the App Home screen tap Employees to view, add, edit and Terminate users.

To Add a User

  1. Select the Add User icon 
  2. Type in a First Name in the First Name section
  3. Type in a Last Name in the Last Name section
  4. Select a Role from the drop-down menu
    Note: You must create roles in Breadcrumb HQ for them to appear in the drop-down menu
  5. Enter a valid email address if the User will need access to HQ
  6. Enter a four-digit PIN, or press the Generate PIN button
    Note: This PIN must be unique and will be the PIN this user will use to PIN into the app
  7. Enter a Pay Rate for the Employee
  8. If desired, select the Zone from the drop-down menu in which the Employee will be stationed (this is optional)
  9. If the user will require a PIN card: enter the name of the user as it appears on the credit or ID card (this is optional)
  10. Enter the last four digits of a credit or ID card (this is optional)
  11. Select Save to create the user   

To Edit a User

  1. Tap the arrow located to the right of the user you want to edit
  2. Enter changes to the user
  3. Select Save to Save the Changes

To Terminate a User

  1. Tap the arrow located to the right of the user you want to terminate
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen
  3. Choose Terminate, or Leave, from the Status drop-down
  4. Select Save to Save your changes

To learn how to create roles, click here.