Training: In Service Management

Breadcrumb makes it fast and easy to serve your customers, turn tables and keep the kitchen happy, even if it's your first day. Once you start using Breadcrumb, you'll find all kinds of shortcuts, tools and tips to make service more efficient. 

Before you begin this training, we suggest that you look over:

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Tracking Business in the Breadcrumb App


Getting Started:

By your first night with Breadcrumb, you will probably have already set up users and roles, including your own. Once you PIN in to the app, you'll clock in and then land on the default screen for your role. For managers, we recommend the home screen. Need to get that set? Here's how

Here's an overview of Breadcrumb's home screen. The work tools can help you track productivity, troubleshoot issues, communicate with staff and more. This article will focus on those tools. 

Approve Voids and Comps

Depending upon how you set permission for employees roles, you may have to approve voids and comps. The approval screen includes what is being comped and the comp reason. Do you approve? Enter your pin. 

Now you can see the comped item on the check. Voids work the same way. 

Reopen a Check

Sometimes closed checks need to be reopened in order to make an adjustment. Go to the List of Checks and filter for Closed.

Tap the check you need to open. 

Tap Payments

Tap Reopen Check > Now you can issue a refund, adjust items, etc. 


Issue a Refund

For a current trading day - reopen a check. 

Tap the payment you need to refund. 

Tap Delete Payment

Now the refund is issued. Note that you must close every check before the end of your trading day. 

To refund payments from previous days, visit HQ > Reports > Check Detail

Select the date you need and filter payments for Credit. Click the check to open it. 

On the Check Detail page, scroll down and find the payment you need to refund. Click the link. 

Click refund

Enter the amount to refund and tap Refund. You can refund any amount as long as it is less than or equal to the original charge. 

Notice that the refunded amount is now on the check detail. The refund will appear in the reports for the day you issued the refund, not the day the check was closed. 

Breadcrumb Live

Our iPhone app allows you to track sales and other KPIs with week over week comparisons, and monitor voids, comps and more. Get Breadcrumb Live



Work Tiles allow you to track business. 


Tap the timesheet tile to track employee time cards, tipping, breaks and more. 

Tap any name to edit a timecard, collect a checkout report or add tips. 


Checkout Reports

Breadcrumb supports checkout reports for all individuals with Checkout report permissions as well as a Master Checkout report for those with that permission.

During the Trading Day, tap the checkout report tile. 


For individuals with Master Checkout permissions, the button toggles between Master Checkout and My Checkout. 

After the Trading Day has passed, go to HQ > Reports > Labor to retrieve checkout reports.

For Master Checkout, set your date range, click the Master Checkout Report tab, and click the date you need. Click the print button to print the report. 

For individuals, set the date, click the Timecards tab and click click the View link in the Checkout column. 

Batch Payments

Some customers have processors that accept credit card batches multiple times per day. Check with your processor to find out if that will work for you. It can be a way to get your deposits more quickly. Learn more about this process



Tap the Tips tile to track and update tips during service or at the end of the evening. 

The filters at the top of the screen allow you to track tips for all servers or to filter for a specific server. On the right you can see if tips have been added to credit card payments. 

Tap the TIP box to add a tip to a payment. 

Enter the tip amount and tap the checkmark.


Shift Notes are a great way to communicate with the team. Notes appear on the right of the home screen. 

If you track stock levels on items, 86ed items automatically will appear in shift. Learn how to track stock levels for items. 

Tap Notes to add or edit a shift note. You can also add a note from HQ > Notes. 

Enter your note and set the go live and expiry date. You can enter notes for a specific day in advance. 

Notice that the note now appears on the home screen for all users. 


Payins/Payouts are recorded, tracked and reported in HQ. 

Tap the Payins/Payouts tile

Complete the screen for either a payout or payin. They will reconcile with your checkout report and your sales reporting. There is also a specific Payin/Payout report in HQ. Learn more about payins and payouts.



Breadcrumb's reports give you deep insights into your business. You can tap the reports tile or login to HQ using any web browser. Learn more about Reports


Need to update an employee or a role during service?

Tap the Employees tile, tap the users bar, and then tap the user's name. Here you can add a role, update a PIN number, assign a zone and more. 

Need to add an employee? Tap the add icon on the user screen. 

Need to update permissions associated with a role? Tap the Roles bar, select the role, make the changes and tap save. 

  We hope this helps you with your first few weeks of service!