Checkout Report Overview

Checkout Reports give an overview of check activity during a shift. With permissions, employees can access their own checkout report. 

Managers have access to the master checkout report that roles up all employee activity into one report. 

You can access checkout reports at any time during a shift by tapping the Checkout Report tile on the Breadcrumb home screen. 

After a shift is over, you can access checkout reports in HQ. 

Visit HQ > Reports > Labor > Timecards. Click the Checkout report link. 

Information included:

- Clock In/Clock Out time
- Hours worked
- Cash Owed to House
- Total Tips
- Guest and Net Sales
- Check and Guest Count
- Gross Sales averaged by Guest and Check
- Percent of average tip
- Total Cash Payments
- Total Credit Cards payments broken out by card type
- Aggregated total payments
- Tips broken out by payment type
- Voids and Comps
- Credit Card Transactions

Example Checkout Report


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