Add or Edit an Item

Items are menu and merchandise selections. Each item has a set of attributes that inform rules around pricing, tax, search, display, modifiers and sides. 
This section will help you understand how to set up or edit an item. 
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Name, price, category
Display groups
Description, sort code, tax rate, course, printer settings, stock levels

To Create an Item
  • Login to Breadcrumb HQ > Menus > Items
  • Click Create Item
  • You can also tap the Menu Setup tile in the Breadcrumb app to access this part of HQ. 
 Names, Prices, Categories
  • Select the item type and enter names for the item. Notice that can customize the name for the kitchen chit (this appears on all food prep printers) and customer receipt. 
  • Enter sides rules, pricing and cost.
  • When you add the dish cost, your Breadcrumb reports will include information about your gross margins.
  • Place your item into a category. 
Display Groups
  • Display are the tabs that appear along the side of the Breadcrumb app menu display. You can add an item to more than one display group
Description, sort codes, taxes, etc.
  • Add a description if you'd like information about the item to appear in the app. 
  • Identifiers help you connect with external Breadcrumb partners.
  • Sort codes help a server search for an item in a broad category. Here, the Lobster Bisque will appear in a search for "Soup." 
  • Apply tax rates if applicable. 
  • Select coursing if applicable. 
  • Price Override allows certain users to apply a new price to an item. This is useful for items with variable sizes or open items. 
  • Status allows you to display or archive menu items. 
  • Stock Levels will count down items as they're ordered. If you set stock levels, 86ed items will appear automatically in shift notes



  • Click Assign Modifier Group if the item requires modification when ordered.
  • Select one or more modifier groups to assign to the item.
  • Click Done.


  • Click Add Side if you included a number of sides in the min/max section above. 
  • Select a side from the drop-down menu. You must create items in order for a list to appear in this drop-down menu.
  • Type a price if the side is an additional cost to the guest in the Price field.
  • Click Save.

Scroll to the top of the screen and click Save.