Credit Card Scams and Fraud

Fraudsters can make payments to your business using stolen credit cards. It can take several months for cardholders to realize that their card is missing or compromised, which means that your business is open to risk from fraudulent payments months after they have been processed.

Original cardholders can dispute payments and file chargebacks months after the payment has been deposited into your bank account and the goods or services have been provided. We would request you to review the following in order to stay away from falling prey to scams and frauds.

Followings are strong indicators of a scam:

  • Customer requests paying a third-party vendor, person, or shipping company via wire transfer.
  • Customer pre-books services for a very high amount.
  • Customer places an unusually high amount order via email, phone call or text messages
  • Customer places unusually large orders in a short period or insists on expedited shipping/service.
  • Customer requests international shipping.
  • Customer uses several credit cards to place the same order. Many of these transactions are declined.
  • Mismatch between Billing and shipping address.
  • Customer does not respond back to phone calls / emails once you start asking for more information