Totals/ Payments List/ Refunds sections


- Credit card payments are broken out by card type such as:  Visa/MC/Discover

- Amex cards are separate because the Amex batch/ payment transfer arrives separately. 


Payments List:                                                                                                                        

- Successful Card Authorizations:  will show a status message saying, “Authorized”.

- Successful Card Captures:  after trading day closure,  will show a status message saying, “Captured”.

- Unsuccessful Card Authorizations:

- Read as an Authorization Failed message.                                                                        

- A message on the Payment Authorization details will give an explanation such as:

  1. “The card was declined.”  
  2. “The card has expired.”

Unsuccessful Card Authorization Captures

- Read as a Capture Failed message.

- These payments should have their capture retried through the Retry button that will appear.

- Our support team receives a notification every time a capture fails in any amount & they will be available to assist you in troubleshooting.  

Voided Card Authorizations

- Read as a Voided message.

- Credit cards authorizations on open checks can be voided/ deleted in the application.



- Every transaction that has been captured can be refunded up to the total amount captured.

- Enter into a specific check & click on the  Refund  button in the upper right corner, input the desired refund amount,  & press Refund to proceed.

- Total Trading Day Refunds may be seen at the bottom of this report.