Set Up An Employee With Multiple Roles

Restaurant employees often cross-train in multiple roles to allow flexible scheduling. A worker who is a server one night can be a hostess the next, and their pay is usually different. 

Breadcrumb allows managers to configure their employees with multiple roles. 

Add a New User with More Than One Role

Before you begin, be sure that your roles are set up


Video Tutorial:


Step-by-step Instructions:


  1. In HQ > Users: click the add user icon to create a new user or click any user to get to the edit screen. 
  2. In the Role section, select the user's primary (or default) role, add a pay rate and a zone if necessary. 
  3. Click "+ Add another role" to add another role. Select the role and add pay rate and zone if applicable. 

  4. Fill out the role, pay rate, and optional zone for the additional role. If you want to change this role to be the default, use the three lines on the right to drag to be the first on the list.
  5. Continue to add as many roles, pay rates and zones as needed.
  6. Click Save.

Clocking In

When an employee with multiple roles clocks in, he or she will be prompted to select a role. 


The labor report in HQ will total all roles your employees work. Overtime pay is calculated using a blended pay rate formula.