Product Mix Report Column Definitions

Data populates each column on the Product Mix Report based on the definitions provided here. 

  • Sold: Count of items sold and not voided or individually comped. Includes items that were sold on checks with a check-wide dollar or percent comp applied.
  • Void: Count of items voided.
  • Comp: Count of items individually comped. This does not include comps that apply to the entire check based on a percent or dollar value.
  • Price: The average pretax price of all items sold.
  • Cost: The total cost of all items sold and comped.
  • Gross: The total sales contribution of items including comps and taxes.
  • Comps: The total dollar value of all comps applicable, including individually comped items and check-wide comps allocated proportionately.
  • Total Tax: The total tax contribution from this item.
  • Net: The total sales contribution of items excluding taxes and comps.
  • Gross Profit: Net sales less cost

If you are viewing the report from a computer, you can hover your cursor over each column header to see this information in context.