Adjust a Tip from a Previous Trading Day

If you need to adjust the tip on a credit card payment but the trading day has already closed, you can do so through the Payment Report on Breadcrumb HQ. If you need to refund a captured payment, use the refund button.


To adjust a tip from a previous trading day:

1. Log in to Breadcrumb HQ

2. Navigate to Reports

3. Using the dropdown menu select the 'Check Detail' report

4. Filter by the date on which the original transaction occurred

5. If you would like you can search for the check using the check number (located on the signature slip)

6. Once you have located the check, click the check number, and you will be brought to the Check Details page

7. Click the orange link located at the bottom of the screen that says 'Credit'

8. You will be brought to the 'Payment Authorization Details' page

9. Verify that the tip has not been adjusted

10. Click 'Adjust Tip' and enter the tip amount

11. Press save.


Please Note:

  • The adjusted tip amount will be deposited into your bank account with the current trading day's deposit. 
  • The adjusted tip amount will be reflected in the Payment Authorization Report and in the Check Detail Report.
  • To perform this function you will need the 'Issue refunds and adjust tips from previous trading days' permission turned on for your associated role. 
  • Tip adjustments can only be made up to 7 days after the initial authorization occurred.
  • You can only adjust tips in HQ if they are associated with a payment from a previous trading day. To adjust tips for payments from the current trading day use the Breadcrumb Application on your iPad.
  • You cannot adjust a tip if a payment has been refunded.
  • You cannot adjust a tip on a giftcard payment from a previous trading day.