Create & Manage Courses

Breadcrumb features SmartCoursing. Smartcoursing intuitively drops menu items into courses, cutting down on time at the server station. When an item is added to the check, the course heading will appear on the check. Courses are managed from the Menus section of Breadcrumb HQ. Each menu item will need a course. You can learn how to override a course setting here.

How to Create a Course

1. Login to Breadcrumb HQ or Pin into the Breadcrumb App
2. Click Menus

3. Click Courses

4. Click Create Course
5. In the Name section, type the name of a course.

6. Click Save

7. Organize courses in the order that you want them to appear on each check by clicking on the three horizontal lines next to each course and dragging them to the correct order

8. Click Save

9. Now that the course is created you can go into specific menu items and assign it to the course that you created 

10. If you would like to mass edit items you can download the items as a CSV file and make edits in a program like Excel. To learn more about mass edits please click here