Create and apply menus

Menus are the grouping of tabs (called Display Groups) on the Breadcrumb application. Well structured Menus can speed up the workflow for different roles of users. A single master menu can be created for your venue, or you can create different versions for different users with specific roles can navigate their menu faster. For example, your bartenders can see a menu version that shows beverages first and servers can see a menu that shows food first.

Menus are built by adding Display Groups.

To Create a Menu

  1. Login to Breadcrumb HQ or pin into the Breadcrumb PRO App
  2. Click Menus
  3. In the Menus section, click Create Menu.
  4. In the Menu Name, type a name for the menu.
  5. Click "Create Display Groups"
    • NOTE: Display Groups must be created before you can add them to a menu
  6. Search by keyword to locate a Display Group that belongs in the menu.
  7. Click each Display Group to add it to the menu.
  8. When you are done adding Display Groups, click Done
  9. Tap and drag the handles next to each Display Group to reorder them in the menu.
  10. Click Save

Learn how to apply a menu to a role here.