Day Parts Overview

Day Parts are used to filter reports by blocks of time. Day Parts should correspond with important units of business such as meal periods or hourly times.

To set Day Parts, log into Breadcrumb HQ and click Settings at the top of the page. Click Day Parts on the left side of the screen to get to the Day Parts setup.

To add a Day Part

  1. Click the New button to add a new Day Part.
  2. Enter the name of the Day Part
  3. Select the Time Bounds in a 24-hour clock format (e.g. 6pm = 18:00)
  4. Click Save

To edit or delete a Day Part 

  1. Click the arrow in the rightmost column of the Day Part
  2. Make the necessary adjustments to the Day Part
  3. Click Save

For example, if your Brunch hours are from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM, you could define the Brunch Day Part as having a start time of 8:00 and an end time of 14:00. You could then use the Product Mix report to look at the mix of items your venue is selling during brunch hours. Learn more about what reports you can view here.