Stock levels on trading day close

You can control how stock levels behave at the end of your trading day by changing the settings on the item or category.

There are 3 settings to choose:

  1. Keep Stock Levels – The stock level set will reset to the current value
  2. Reset Stock – The stock level will reset to be the count specified in the Reset Stock Amount. This field will appear on the item when selected. Leave the Reset Stock Amount blank to reset the stock to be unlimited.
  3. Use Default – The default, if no choice is selected at the parent level, is to use Reset Stock.

When the settings Reset Stock or Use Default is selected, you will be able to set a reset stock value. Input a count to start the day with a set amount (for example, my pastry chef always makes 12 orders of soufflé daily), or leave empty to reset to unlimited stock the next day.