Report Filter/ Search Options

Day Parts:  Filter checks by the time of day they were processed if Day Parts are setup in HQ Settings. Learn more about Day Parts and how to set them up here.

Check:  Search by 4-digit check number.

Order Mode:  Select by Tab (quick serve is also considered a Tab), Table, Delivery or To Go checks.

Server:  Filter to view all of one or more servers checks.

Tender Types:  Search by payment type. Includes cash, credit cards, and other alternative payment methods such as gift cards, voucher, online order, and other configured tender types. Tender accounts are not filterable – set these as a major tender type on the Tender Management page if you would like to filter and track them in more detail. Learn about managing alternate tenders.

Revenue Centers:  Revenue Centers are the breakdown of sales by how they were ordered. Table checks are allocated to their Zone. Tab, To Go, and Delivery checks are allocated to themselves as how they are ordered. Learn more about Revenue Centers.