Replacing Hardware Under Warranty

If your equipment is malfunctioning and it is within the 365 day range of purchase it is most likely under warranty and you can get it replaced. 

In order to replace hardware we will need the following:

  1. Validation of troubleshooting steps taken to insure it is indeed broken and can't be fixed
  2. The serial number of the hardware (except for stands which don't have serial numbers). Below are instructions on how to find the serial numbers for our hardware
  3. Email the what/how the equipment doesn't work, the troubleshooting steps you have taken to remedy the problem, and the serial numbers to


Meraki Router - on bottom


Magtek CC Swiper -if plugged into iPad can be found by going to iPad Settings > General > About > iDynamo> S/N

OR on side of swiper


Epson Printer - On side


Citizen Printer - On bottom in back


Cash Drawer - On Bottom


iPad - On iPad by going to iPad Settings > General > About

or in back