Product Mix Report: Categories section

The Categories section is the overarching view of all sales broken down by categories & subcategories. This is the default section view when you load the product mix report. 

The pie chart shows the percent breakdown of the gross sales by master category.

Master categories are the highest level of category; sub-categories are below these if created.

The columns below are sortable by ascending or descending values.

  • Click on the column header category to sort by that field.


1) Sold - Quantity of items added to checks that were not voided or comped.

2) Void - Quantity of items voided off checks.

3) Comp - Quantity of items added to checks then comped.

4) Price - Average Pre-Tax Price of an Item, including modifiers & sides.

5) Cost - The cost of items ordered, including modifiers & sides.

6) Gross - Sales of every item entered & not voided, including modifiers & sides. Excludes voids & gratuities but includes tax.

7) Comps - Items added to checks & then comped. Includes check comps.

8) Total Tax - Taxes based upon check subtotals charged to customers.

9) Net - Gross Sales less tax and comps

10) Profit - Net Sales minus Cost

Note: all column definitions are visible when you hold your mouse cursor over the labels.

A few notes about what this all means:

  • Comps include the allocation of check comps across the categories on the checks. Check comps are appropriately deducted from net sales.
  • Gross sales do not include taxes on check comps (unless specified to track taxes on comps).
  • Price & Cost Fields reflect the average of all items within the category or subcategory.
  • The Total line at the bottom reflects the sum for all items over the date range.