Breadcrumb Billing Overview

 Breadcrumb partners with Recurly to provide a secure, convenient and PCI compliant environment for customer billing. We ask our customers to set up a Recurly account with their credit card, after which we automatically charge customer cards. 

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Billing Cycle 

Breadcrumb bills your credit card each month and sends you a receipt for each billing cycle via email. If you don't receive such emails, please update your billing information. 

Your first billing cycle commences on the first billing date after your 30-day go live period period. You may receive a pro-rated bill in the first billing cycle after going live. This bill will reflect the days between the end of your 30 day go live period and the start of your first full month's billing cycle. 

Here's how it works. 

Say your plan is billed at $100 monthly. 

You go live on July 15. On August 1 (the first billing period after you go live), you will receive a bill in the amount of $150 for your first month. This covers the period from July 15 to July 31, as well as the month of August. Beginning on September 1 and moving forward, you will receive a bill for $100 each month. 

For more information, please reference Breadcrumb's Merchant Agreement.

Updating your Billing Information

In compliance with PCI standards, we cannot to take credit card information over the phone or via email. We ask you to use our PCI compliant partner to update your credit card information, expiration date, billing address, etc. 

There are two ways to update your billing information. 

1. Any billing-related email you've received will have a link directly to your billing account. 

2. Can't find an email? Learn how to update your account via Breadcrumb HQ.

Once in the billing portal, select 'Edit' next to 'Billing Information.' 


Annual Meraki  Licensing

Breadcrumb partners with Cisco Systems to provide state-of-the-art Meraki routers to our customers. After your first year, there is an annual licensing fee for this router. We will automatically bill you for the annual licensing fee after your first year of use. 

While the Meraki equipment is not required for Breadcrumb, we strongly recommend using these routers and access points. This enterprise-level networking equipment ensures that your venue has the best possible wireless service. It also allows select members of the Breadcrumb team to remotely monitor and troubleshoot your network. 

For more information on Meraki equipment, please reference Breadcrumb's Merchant Agreement.

Seasonal Venues

If your venue is seasonal, Breadcrumb can place your account into "Off-Season" status.*

Please email prior to your last day of service and let us know your venue's name, location, last day of business, and estimated return date. We will review your account to confirm your venue is eligible for Off-Season status and adjust your billing to reflect that. If you wish to have access to your Reports and Menus in Breadcrumb HQ during the off season, we will charge $25 per month during the time you need such access.

*Certain contracted models of Breadcrumb are not eligible for Off-Season status

Returning from your Off-Season

If your venue is returning from Off-Season status, please email ahead of time with your first day of service so that we can ensure your account is reactivated for the upcoming season.

Changing your Plan

If you wish to upgrade or downgrade the number of terminals for your account, please email with your venue's name, location, and desired terminal quantity. We will review these requests and adjust both your monthly billing and device access immediately for customers that wish to add terminals*.


*Please note that downgrading terminal quantity is not available for the Hardware-Included contract.  

Replacement Hardware

Hardware breaks. We understand. If you have a piece of damaged equipment, please email We'll troubleshoot your issue and then replace any damaged hardware as quickly as possible. 

Warranty Replacements

If a piece of equipment is damaged within your warranty period, and the damage is eligible for a replacement, we'll immediately ship you replacement hardware along with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) free of charge. 

You must use the RMA to return the damaged equipment within 30 calendar days of receiving the RMA. If we do not receive the damaged equipment, will will charge you the standard retail price for the replacement equipment. 

Non-Warranty Replacements

If your equipment is not under warranty or is not eligible for warranty replacement, we will help you place an order for replacement hardware and we'll expedite the order so that you are back up and running as quickly as possible. 

Charging Cables

We will replace charging cables free of charge. Please email so we can troubleshoot and get you a new cable as quickly as possible. 

See our merchant agreement for more information on hardware. 


EMV Liability Shift

Pre-order your reader today here.

Starting October 1, 2015 the EMV liability shift goes into effect in the United States. Merchants may be held liable for fraudulent transactions if a counterfeit chip card is processed through a traditional magstripe credit card reader instead of an EMV chip card reader.

Let Breadcrumb take away the worry from this liability shift when you pre-order our new EMV reader.

Existing merchants may pre-order the reader for free when opting into an eligible service agreement; otherwise, they can purchase the device outright without an agreement. Merchants who elect this option will have their accounts automatically billed when the reader ships.

Until your reader arrives, Breadcrumb will cover eligible charges for fraudulent swiped chip card transactions you would otherwise be responsible for under the liability shift.* Continue to swipe cards using 

Breadcrumb’s new EMV reader will offer security while providing a great experience for you and your customers. When your new EMV reader arrives later this year, you will be able to start dipping chip cards instead of swiping. 

Want to learn more about how EMV works with Breadcrumb? Click here.

*Terms and conditions apply