Create a Prix Fixe Item

The most commonly used method to make a Prix Fixe item in Breadcrumb uses the modifier system in a unique way to allow a quick but flexible serving experience with your prix fixe.

As always with any menu change or addition, we recommend giving yourself ample time to create and test the new item functionality at your venue before having to use it in service.

  1. Start by creating a single item for the Prix Fixe menu. You will want to set the price of the item to the price of your Prix Fixe menu.
  2. Create modifiers for each courses' options to allow servers to select any options you have within your Prix Fixe. You can have these modifiers set to $0.00 or a specific upgrade price depending on your menu.
  3. Once the modifiers for each option are created, create modifier groups. These groups can be used to represent courses of the Prix Fixe. Simply put the correct option modifiers into the corresponding course modifier group. Don’t forget to set the minimum of the modifier groups to “1” if you want the options to show up automatically.
  4. Add your newly created modifier groups to the Prix Fixe item you created.
  5. Add the item to a display group to have the item show in a tab on your menu.