Inaccurate Numbers on Checkout Report

Checkout Reports display information that occurs between the employee's clock-in and clock-out times. These times begin and end as soon as a someone clocks-in or out of Breadcrumb. It is very important to clock in to Breadcrumb before performing any check actions to ensure all of the appropriate information is record on the checkout report.

If a checkout report is detailing inaccurate sales numbers, consider adjusting the clock-in or clock-out time to find the missing checks. Checks will only appear on a checkout report so long as the check was started AFTER clock-ins to Breadcrumb.

To Expand Times for the Checkout Report

Navigate to the Labor report within Breadcrumb HQ or "Timesheets" within the Breadcrumb App and make an adjustment to the clock-in or clock-out time that the check would have started within.


What is on a Checkout Report?