Breadcrumb Menu Overview

The Menus area of Breadcrumb HQ contains all of the components needed to create items to be ordered within the Breadcrumb POS. Here are the sections of a menu in Breadcrumb:

Menus - The structure and grouping of tabs that enables employees to have the most efficient workflow. Learn how to create menus and how to set which employee roles see which menus

Display Groups - Display Groups are the organizational folders that give structure to your menus. Add items and other display groups to optimize how your servers and bartenders find the items they need. Learn how to create and organize display groups.

Categories - Categories are the groupings of items to define behaviors and classification for reporting.

Courses - Courses are how items are ordered on checks to instruct the kitchen how to pace a meal. Learn how to create and manage courses.

Items - Menu items are the base of what is ordered by customers to build a check in Breadcrumb. Items are also searchable. Items contain Modifiers. Items can also fall into categories. Learn how to create and manage items. For advanced users, you can use the spreadsheet item uploader to rapidly add and edit multiple items at a time.

Modifier Groups - Create groups that contain modifiers, such as Allergy and Substitutes. These groups become areas in the application where you select a related modifier for an item. Modifier Groups contain Modifiers. Learn how to create and edit modifier groups.

Modifiers - Identify specific adjustments to an item, such as the temperature of a steak, and customer requirements of an item, common allergies, etc. Modifiers are assigned to Modifier Groups. Learn how to create and edit individual modifiers.



Items, Courses and Display Groups in Breadcrumb:

Modifier Groups in Breadcrumb:

Modifiers in Breadcrumb