Settings Overview - Customize Your Settings

The settings section of HQ is your Breadcrumb control panel. This is where you control many of the customizations that make Breadcrumb work best for your venue. 

Login to HQ and Navigate to Settings. Most of the settings are pretty straightforward. We recommend that you complete as much as you can in General Settings as well as the other settings that appear in the left navigation. 

General Settings

Trading Day - the 24-hour business day that allows your business to account for sales that fall past midnight on the same day. If you're open until 2:00am, end your trading day at 3:00am. This allows sales past midnight to still count on the same business day as the sales that fell before. More on trading days.

Default Category Tax Type - Inclusive means that your price includes tax; exlusive means that appropriate tax is added. You can set a default rate and then set a different type on certain items. More on tax types. More on item taxes.

Print Stations - Select the default print station for the front and back of the house. More on printers.

Receipt Design - Place your name, address, and or special messages at the top and bottom of the customer receipt. 

Suggested Tips - If you select show, then we'll calculate your tip range and show them on the signature slip. 

Signature Settings - Set whether a signature slip will print for low tickets, or capture signatures on screen. More on signature on screen

Automatic Gratuity - Define minimum parties and the gratuity amount. Set whether you would like the mandatory gratuity to be taxed or not here.

Non-Cash Tips - Check the box if you want credit card tips to be paid out at the end of a shift. This means credit card tips will be deducted from cash owed on the checkout report. Some merchants withhold a small percentage of credit card tips to cover processing costs. Check this box and enter an amount if you want to do this. More on credit cards as cash


Other Settings

You'll notice many other settings and controls on the left.

Tables and Zones are covered in the set up section.

Printer Groups and Printers allow you to customize routing for kitchen chits, signature slips, and customer receipts.  

Day Parts are completely customizable to fit your operations. 

Void & Comp Reasons are totally customizable so that you can easily track the details for all voids and comps. 

Devices gives you a list of all devices (iPads) on your system. 

Tax settings allows you to define and set as many tax rates as your business needs. 

Delivery customers allows you to download or upload a file of your delivery customers' info. This powers look up by phone number. 

Integration partners - find the API credentials to provide to partners you work with such as Peachworks, Avero and more.

Labor Settings gives you the ability to set overtime rules and more.