Make a modifier group required

Modifier groups can be made required by adjusting the Minimums and Maximums Required Section of a Modifier Group in Breadcrumb HQ. Required modifiers are item specifications that are necessary for an order to be accurately fired. For example, a steak should require a temperature modifier so the kitchen will know how to prepare it. In this instance, both fields would be set to "1" to require one modifier for the item.

To Require a Modifier Group

    1. Login to Breadcrumb HQ or pin into the Breadcrumb PRO App
    2. Click Menus
    3. Click the Modifier Group tab
    4. Select a modifier group to be made required
    5. In the Required section:
      • Input the Minimum value to be greater than 0. Setting the minimum to be 1 will require 1 modifier to be selected before the item can be saved.
      • Input the Maximum value to be equal to, or greater than, the Minimum. Setting the Maximum to be equal to the Minimum value will cap the number of modifiers at the required number.
      • Example: Setting the minimum to 1 and maximum will force the user to select one, and only one, modifier.
    6. Click Save

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