Floorplan Management - Add and Change Tables

Beginning with release 2.6.8 (available April 26, 2016), Breadcrumb supports the creation of table maps in the application to allow your servers to visually track their tables. Zones must be created in HQ before you begin. Learn how to create zones. 

The first step to create a table map is to ensure that you have all tables and zones created on Breadcrumb. Tables and zones are managed from Breadcrumb HQ's Settings Page. Learn more on how to create and manage zones and create and manage tables on Breadcrumb HQ.

Once you tables and zones are ready, load the Breadcrumb app on your iPads to build your floor plan.

  1. From the Home screen tap Tables and then tap the zone you 

  1. Tap Edit

  2. Tap Add New
  3. Select Table or Obstacle
  4. If you have previously created the tables in HQ, you will see a list of unused tables. Select the table you wish to add. 
  5. If you haven't previously created tables in HQ, name your table. Use the shape and size tools as needed. Tap the Check Mark to add the table to the zone. Repeat as needed. 

6. When you're finished, tap Done. Now your tables are ready for use! 


Managing Tables and Zones in HQ

Manage Zones in HQ