Batch on Demand Feature

Submitting credit card batches for capture before the close of your trading day is easy for users of Breadcrumb v2.4.5 or higher. Users with roles that are able to close trading days can follow these steps to capture transactions.

  1. Press the Batch Payments button in the application to begin.

  2. Review all transactions to capture. Please note that the default transaction list only includes those that have been tip adjusted. If you need to apply a tip after the close of a trading day, follow these steps

  3. If you would like to capture payments that do not have tip adjustments, you can select All Payments from the drop down filter to expand to all credit card transactions.

  4. If a payment still needs to be tip adjusted, you can remove that payment from the batch by swiping left to reveal the Remove button.

  5. When the list of payments is ready to be submitted, tap the gold button to Send Payments in the top right. 

  6. You will see a confirmation of the total amount captured and an email will be sent to the Admin Email address.

    The Admin Email for your business can be updated on on the General Settings page.

Note: Actual deposit times will depend on several cut off times set by your bank and processor. Breadcrumb is able to adjust your settlement time in order to ensure that your business's cash flow is optimized. Settlement can only occur once a day. The best time to settle is either:

  • immediately after to close of your trading in order for all of your transactions to arrive together for a given trading day, or
  • before the end of the business day for next day deposits

Check with Breadcrumb Support to determine the optimal way to configure this for your business!