Manage Tables on Breadcrumb HQ

You can manage the table records in your venue in the Tables section of Breadcrumb HQ's Settings page. The table numbers that you define in this section will be assigned to checks when the table becomes occupied. 

Each table is associated with a zone in the restaurant, such as a bar area or roof garden, as well as the capacity of the table. You must create zones before you can assign them to a table. Learn how to create zones here.

Tables can be added one at a time, or multiple tables can be uploaded with a spreadsheet importer.

How to Upload Multiple Tables

  1. Login to Breadcrumb HQ
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click the Tables tab on the left side
  4. Click Import
  5. Download the sample CSV template
  6. Complete the spreadsheet with all tables that you need to add. All fields (Name, Zone, Maximum Guest Count, Status) are required 
    • All Zone names must match an existing zone; create these first before uploading
    • Maximum Guest Count must be a number
    • Status should be 'Active'
  7. Save the spreadsheet file
  8. Choose the file that you just saved on the Import screen
  9. Click Upload
    • NOTE: if there is an error in the file (see step #6 for details of requirements), then you will be prompted to correct before the tables are created successfully 

How to Add and Manage a Table

  1. Login to Breadcrumb HQ or pin into the Breadcrumb app
  2. Click Settings (or tap "System Admin" in the app)
  3. Click the Tables tab on the left side
  4. Click Add
  5. In the Name section, give the table a name
  6. In the Zones section, select the zone where this table resides
  7. In the Capacity section, type the number of seats at that table. This number keeps track of table capacity in the application.
  8. In the Status section, select Active to show that this table is available in the restaurant
    • NOTE: If the table is no longer active, select Archive. You cannot delete tables from Breadcrumb HQ.