E1200 WAP configuration

1 Gather Materials 1. Laptop
2. Spare ethernet cable
3. Ethernet adapter, if required
4. Main router SSID, passphrase and encryption type
2 Check and take note of the IP address of the main router.    
3 Connect a computer to the secondary router. This can be a desktop or laptop. Connect the computer to one of the second router's LAN ports. Refer to image 1.
Access the setup page of the secondary router.
Type into your internet browser. Click manual setup to unlock the UI and proceed. There may be multiple warnings about ‘insecure’ settings. If the secondary router is in bridge mode, you can access it by changing your computer’s IP to, with a subnet.
Username and Password is: admin/admin If it is not in bridge mode, keep your computer DHCP enabled to receive an IP address from the Router.
5 Disable WMM Support Under the Applications & Gaming tab, go to the QoS sub-tab on the far right. WMM Support (the top option) should be set to Disabled (default is enabled)  
Set Security Mode
Under the Wireless sub-tab, go to Wireless Security. Change the Security Mode to the mode used by the main Router. For Meraki Routers the Security Mode is WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode.
When the page refreshes, enter the network password exactly the same as the main POS router is using. Click ‘Save Settings’  
7 Set Basic Wireless Settings Under the Wireless sub-tab, go to Basic Wireless Settings. Change the setup from ‘WiFi Protected Setup’ to ‘Manual’. Click ‘Save Settings’ Leave Network Mode, Channel Width, Channel and SSID Broadcast the same (Network Mode: Mixed, Channel Width: Auto, Channel: Auto, SSID Broadcast: Enabled). Refer to image 2.
8 Change Internet Connection Type Under the Basic Setup sub-tab, look for Internet Connection Type dropdown. Automatic Configuration - DHCP is the default choice. Change the dropdown to ‘Bridge Mode’. Click ‘Save Settings’ Refer to image 3.
Only if you need a static IP address for the secondary router:
Under Network Setup change Router Address to ‘Specify an IP address’. Enter the IP address to give the secondary router. Make sure the first three numbers (octets) are the same as for the main router and the last number is different than any other device on the network. Refer to image 4.
Enter the same subnet mask as for the main POS router. This is usually
Enter the main POS router’s IP address under Default Gateway  
Change the Router Name to something descriptive. Click ‘Save Settings’  
9 Plug the second router into the main router Unplug the cable from your computer and connect it to one of the Ethernet ports on the main router. There should be a line going from a LAN port on the main router to a LAN port on the E1200
10 Test the connection Power cycle the secondary router and once the power light is solid, check your wireless networks and internet connection. If configured correctly you should see only one wireless network and should be able to access the internet through it. If you see multiple wireless networks one of the settings is different between the main POS router and the secondary router.