Guidelines For Processing Swiped (Card-Present) Payments

A Chargeback dispute on a swiped (Card-Present) and signed transaction has a higher possibility of winning, as the credit card is present at the time of sale.


Capture customer Signature
Obtain a signature for every swiped transaction. Verify that the signature on the screen matches the signature on the back of the credit card. If the card is not signed, request your customer for a government-issued ID and to sign the credit card. Then match the signature on the government ID to the signature on the payment card.

Issue a Receipt
A receipt helps the buyer remember the transaction and provides you evidence documentation in case of any probable chargeback dispute. You have the ability to email the receipt to the customer using Breadcrumb Payments.

Complete the details
Enter complete transaction and customer information using Breadcrumb payments so as to provide complete clarity into the transaction.