Configure Printers

After adding printers and printer groups to HQ and setting up your printer hardware, you are ready to configure your printer hardware. This step will connect the software with the physical equipment used to run your business.

With the release of Breadcrumb app version 2.6.4, you will be able to pair all compatible printer models with Breadcrumb using the iPad application's Automatic Printer Discovery feature. Follow the steps below to complete.

  1. Open up the Breadcrumb iPad app

  2. Go to the Home screen

  3. Tap the Device Center option towards the bottom of the home page

  4. Wait for your iPad to scan your wireless network for new printers  

  5. When printers are found, they will receive temporary names. These names will print at each printer to be used to match the physical printer with the record in HQ.
    NOTE: if any printers do not receive a temporary name, they are not connected to the same network as the iPad. Make sure that they are connected as described in the hardware setup guide before moving on to the next step.

  6. Tap Start to begin

  7. Select the printer name that corresponds with the temporary name

  8. After selecting the name, that printer will be complete. Continue matching temporary names to the real printer names until all printers are configured.