Reports Overview

Breadcrumb reports provide you insights that can drive profitability, help you identify your best employees, and tweak your menu so that you can sell more of your highest margin items. 

Using Reports:

Login to Breadcrumb HQ and navigate to Reports or tap the reports tile on the home screen of the Breadcrumb app. 

Report Types:


Using Reports:

Select the report you need from the Report Menu. 

Use the calendar picker to select a date range for any report. Notice the shortcuts on the right side of the calendar. Once you've selected a range, click apply and we'll begin generating your report. When you pick a long date range, a report may take a minute or so to load. 



Notice the Download and Subscribe buttons that appear on every report. Click download on any report to a export a .csv which you can open in Excel. Click subscribe to have any report delivered to your inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

To print or create a .pdf of any report, use your browser's File > Print function. 

Each report offers a set of filters to help you find the information you need. The filters are "type-ahead" meaning that each filter option will appear in the box as you begin to type. You can set as many filters as you wish. Once you've set the filters you want, click Refresh. Now the report will show the filtered information. 

Need to understand how report data is compiled? Hover over any question mark to get more details. 


Report Types:


Sales -  provides an overview of all sales information in real time. Data includes sales, tax & payments by category, as well as cash drawer & void/comp activity. Learn more about setting up and troubleshooting the Sale Report.

Check Detail - The main check detail report page gives you a summary view of all checks. Click any check number (# column) to view details of the check. 


The Check Details page shows you every element of the check including items ordered, comps & voids, check status and payments details.

Click receipt to reprint or email a customer receipt. Click the credit link to view payment status, issue a refund or add a tip (after trading day close). 


Product Mix provides a list of total items sold in a trading day by category & item. Use the tabs to view the report by category, item, or modifiers and sides. When you include your item-level costs for items, you can also see more detailed gross and net profit for each item. Learn more about setting up menus


Labor Report gives you detailed insights into labor costs, staff productivity, staff tips and more. The more you information you include in setting up your users, roles, overtime, and break settings, the more valuable your labor report will be. 

Use the tabs to navigate to:

  • Roles to see a summary of labor costs by role for the selected period. Learn more about setting up roles
  • Employees to see a summary of labor costs by employee.
  • Time Cards to view and edit time cards. Click view in the Checkout column to view and print individual checkout reports from previous days. 
  • Master Checkout will give you access to view and print Master Checkout reports from previous days. 

Payments provides information about all payments that occur within a trading day. Data is formatted by type, such as Visa, MasterCard, cash, gift card, etc. Click on any check number to access the details for any individual check (as you can also do in the Check Details report. 

Voids and Comps provide details for all voids and comps in the period. 

Pay In/Pay Out tracks petty cash payouts, cash drawer banks, and other internal cash transactions. 

Subscriptions allows you to view and manage your own report subscriptions. Subscribe to any report from within that report page. 

Accounting Exports allows you to set up journal exports and category mapping to Quickbooks for Desktop