Add Printers

Add Printers

Printers must be added in HQ and placed into Printer Groups before they can be configured on the iPad. Printers can belong to more than one group if you wish. (For optimal reliability, we require that kitchen printers are wired. We highly recommend wired receipt printers as well.) 


  1. Go to HQ > Settings > Printer Groups and click Add. (If you're completing set up using the Breadcrumb App, tap the System Admin tile on the home screen.)2017-03-20_16-02-41.png
  2. Enter a descriptive name (e.g. Bar Right, Server Downstairs, Hot Prep) in the Printer Name field
  3. Select the printer make and model from the Device Type dropdown. Breadcrumb sells the Citizen S601 for receipts and Epson TM-U220B for kitchen chits. 
    • If you're adding a receipt printer with a cash drawer, check has cash drawer.
    • Click Save. 
    • The IP Address and Mac Address will automatically populate once the printer is added to your wifi network and detected by an iPad.
    • Do not check configure manually unless you need to input the IP address of your printer and set it to a static IP address. This is not recommended and is usually used by organizations that have their own IT department or by the Breadcrumb support team for troubleshooting. 


 4. Once you've added your printers be sure to go to HQ > Settings > Printer Groups to add each printer to a group.