Signature on Screen

The signature on screen feature allows you to capture tips and customer signatures on the iPad screen instead of having to print out a signature slip on paper. For counter service, bars and other fast-paced environments, this can speed up the time it takes to complete a transaction. The tip settings are great for servers too!


Setting up Signature on Screen

Go to Breadcrumb HQ > Settings

Scroll to the Signature Settings section of the page

  • Check Show suggested tips to customers. 
  • Set your Low, Medium and High suggested tips. These will show on the signature screen in the app. 
  • Uncheck don't require signatures for $25 or less. 
  • Check Capture credit card signatures on screen. 
  • Check Allow Custom Amounts if you'd like to allow customers to tip a specific dollar amount.
  • Set your default tip amount. We suggest the middle.
  • Click Save. 
  • This turns on Signature on Screen for all customer receipt printing iPads in your venue. 

Starting with release 2.6.4 (January 2016), you can use Signature on Screen on some iPads and print customer receipts from others. You must update to release 2.6.4 in order to take advantage of this feature. 

If you want to use Signature on Screen on SOME iPads but not others, complete the steps above. This turns on Signature on Screen for all iPads that are customer receipt printers. 

1. Go to the iPad that you want to print customer receipts instead of Signature on Screen. On the Home Screen, tap the Device Center tile. 

2. Tap Print Settings, Select the Customer Receipt Printer and Tap the Printer Name. 

3. Tap the Toggle to turn Signature on Screen OFF on that iPad. Signature on Screen will remain turned on for all other iPads. 



Signature on Screen in the Breadcrumb App

Once you've got your settings saved, the app will have signature on screen instead of printed receipts for all credit card transactions. Cash transactions will not be impacted. 

1. Swipe the credit card. Once the authorization is returned, the app will transition to the signature screen. Turn the screen to the customer. Notice that your suggested tip amounts and default appear.

2. Once the customer applies his or her signature, the sign button is activated. 

3. The customer taps sign and proceeds to the receipt option screen. 

4. The all set screen appears after the customer selects the receipt option. Tap the screen and turn the iPad back to the server. 


Custom Tips

If you've enabled custom tips in the settings, your customer can tap the Custom tip button on the signature screen and then add a specific dollar amount as a tip and tap the check mark to proceed to the signature screen. 

Email Receipt

If your customer selects email receipt, a screen with email short cuts appears. The customer enters his or her email address and taps Send. The receipt is emailed from the Breadcrumb servers. No need for any additional set up. 

No Tip

The no tip option always appear in order to comply with tax and tipping rules, and to give your customers an easy option to leave a cash tip.