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Breadcrumb is designed to support printer configurations that are needed in restaurants of all sizes. Whether you need a single printer, or numerous printers for different kitchen stations and receipt printers, we’ve got you covered.

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Printer Groups


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Front of House/Back of House

Set Up Printers on Your Network




Set Up Printers on the Breadcrumb App

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Re-routing Printers

Testing Printers

Printing in Offline Mode





Printer Groups

Printer groups allow you to cluster individual printers that are designated for a specific area of your venue, such as bar and kitchen printers. Each printer must be assigned to at least one printer group. For instance, your Kitchen Expo printer would belong to all of the different groups in your kitchen, while the Cold Station printer would only be in the Cold Station printer group.

Each printer group gives you the option to print course lines that describe the course each item belongs in. Printer Groups must be set up in HQ before printers can be configured on the iPad.

Learn how to add a printer group




Breadcrumb supports Citizen and Epson printers which can be ordered in our store. Printers must be added in HQ and placed into Printer Groups before they can be configured on the iPad. Printers can belong to more than one group if you wish. (For optimal reliability, we require that kitchen printers are wired. We highly recommend wired receipt printers as well.) 

Learn how to add a printer. 



Printer Settings

There are four places where printers can be specified. Think of printer configuration as a cascade with each touch point representing a fall back position in case earlier printers fail or are not specified. We recommend that you configure specific printer settings at each level. 


    • Item Printing
      • Each item can be assigned to a printer group. When creating an item you can assign to the default printer group for the item’s category, or to a specific printer group. If you assign an item to printer group outside of the default category group, it will print to that group unless a printer cannot be found; if a printer cannot be found, then it will print to default group for that printer. If no printer group is specified, the item will print to the printer group specified in the sub-category or category. 
      • Go to Menus > Items and select the desired Printer group. Click save. 2017-03-20_16-14-59.png

      Category Printing
      • All items belong to categories and some may belong to sub-categories. Any category that includes items that should print to chit and receipt printers should include a default printer. Unless you've specified a different printer for the item, all items in a category will print to that category's printer. 
      • (Some categories, such as gift cards or merchandise which don't need to be made in the kitchen, may not need a printer group.)
      • Go to Menus > Items and select the desired Printer group. Click save. 2017-03-20_16-20-49.png


  • Front of House/Back of House
    • In HQ > Settings > General, you’ll see a setting for default Front of House and Back of House printers. If any item can't find a printer (it gets unplugged or goes offline, for instance), then the Back of House printer becomes the default printer. 
    • Typically, the FOH printer should be set to a Receipt Printer and the BOH should be set to a kitchen printer. This is also where you set certain universal printer preferences:
      • Print Receipt on Close - when this is checked, then a receipt will print for every check when the check is closed. When it’s unchecked, receipts will only print for credit card and “other tender” type of payments. 
      • Print Fire Tickets - when this is checked, fire (or begin making) tickets will print for courses on all item chits. This is useful in fine dining restaurants.
      • Print Void Tickets - when this is checked, a chit will print to the item's printer if an item is voided.
  • 2017-03-20_16-22-57.png




Set Up Printers on Your Network

Once you've added your printer groups and printers, and you've completed your settings for items, categories, Front of House and Back of House, it's time to set up your printers on your network. Your printers must be set up on the same wifi network as your iPads in order to work. Kitchen printers should always be wired into your router. We highly recommend wired receipt printers as well. This will protect you against interference from kitchen equipment, etc. 


Citizen Set Up

  1. Plug the power cord, the ethernet cable and the cash drawer wire (if wanted) into the back of the printer.IMG_4815.JPG
  2. Plug the power into your power source, the cash drawer wire into the back of the cash drawer and the ethernet cable into the router. (See below) 


Epson Set Up

  1.  Plug the power cord, the ethernet cable and the cash drawer wire (if wanted) into the back of the printer.IMG_4814.JPG
  2. Plug the power into your power source and the ethernet cable into the router. (See below) 


Router Set Up

Plug the ethernet cables into ports in the back of your router. 


Learn more about setting up your Breadcrumb Hardware



Set Up Printers with your Breadcrumb App

Once you've set up your printer group and printers, configured printers on your menu, and set up your hardware, you're ready to add your printers to your Breadcrumb App. Once you complete steps 1 - 5, your printers will work with each iPad in your network. 

1. On the home screen of the app, tap Device Center. IMG_0032_2.PNG

2. The iPad will begin searching for all printers on the network. After a few seconds, the iPad will display all new printers and assign each new printer a cute, human sounding name. Tap start. IMG_0034.PNG

3. Each printer will now print it's temporary name. Now mapped the named printer to desired printer. In this case, we'll tap Bar Chit2 to map "Steve" to the Epson printer positioned at the Bar. Once the mapping is done, a chit will print so that you know it's complete.IMG_0036.PNG

4. Tap Next to map remaining printers. IMG_0037.PNG

5. Once all printers are mapped, you'll see a list with all green check marks. You can tap any printer to print a test receipt. 




Custom Printer Settings

Once you've set up your printers on the iPad, you can customize receipt printers, tip line settings and even signature on screen for each iPad.

1. Tap Print Settings in Device Center IMG_0038.PNG

2. Tap Customer Receipt PrinterIMG_0039.PNG

3. Select the receipt printer for this iPad. You can use different printers for different iPad provided that you set each iPad individually. If you don't set each iPad individually, all receipts will print to the first receipt printer you select. 


If you don't have tipping at your venue, turn off the tip line. You can also set your signature on screen settings here. Read more about signature on screen




Rerouting (AKA "Bartender Mode") 

You may choose not to print chits from individual iPads for certain categories. For instance, your bartender may not need to print a chit for each beer ordered by customers at the bar.

1. To re-route printing for a category, to to Device Center > Printer Settings. Tap the category you wish to re-reroute. 


2. When the modal appears, select the desired routing. In this case, the routing is "Don't Print." Tap the chec mark. 


3. Notice that the category is now re-routed for this iPad only. 





Test Your Settings

Once you have set up each printer, it’s important to test categories and receipt printers. All categories will print to the same printer regardless of which iPad you use. Test print a chit for each category to ensure that it is properly set up.

Customer receipts will print to the printer specified on each iPad. You need not close out a check to print a customer receipt. You can tap the print receipt icon on the upper left of the check view.IMG_0043.PNG




Printing in Offline Mode

Printers rely upon the LAN (local area network which is powered by your router) to work at all times, including in offline mode. Your LAN is powered by wifi, not the internet. As long as the LAN is working, all printers should continue to work as expected. If the LAN is down (a very rare occurrence), then printing may be disrupted.

Reasons printers may not work in Offline Mode:

  • The iPads are on a different wifi network than the printers. Check Settings > Wifi and ensure that the iPads are connected to the right network. This is the most common problem that we see with printing during both online and offline mode.
  • Printers are not wired into the router. Check the router ports to ensure that the printer cables are plugged into the proper ports. 
  • The router is unreachable. Ensure that your router is plugged in. 
  • It’s not uncommon for merchants to reset a router as a troubleshooting step during offline mode. This should only be tried if you suspect the issue is with the router. Tap the lightning bolt icon and the "Why are we in offline mode" before you reset or otherwise troubleshoot with your router.
  • Items, Categories or FOH/BOH settings are not configured. It’s critical that printer groups are specified at all levels and that those printer groups align with the printers and groups as set in HQ > Settings. If you have a category set to a printer group that gets deleted, you’re in trouble.





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