Manage subscriptions to specific reports

You are able to subscribe any email to receive a daily, weekly, and/or monthly copy of a report's spreadsheet. There are two easy ways to add or edit subscriptions.

On a specific report:

  1. Go to HQ > Reports
  2. Select the desired report from the report selector
  3. Click on the Subscribe button on the right side of the page
  4. Input desired email recipient. Emails already receiving a subscription will be suggested in the list, and their settings will be pulled up.
  5. Select the desired frequencies. Users already subscribed will have their settings updated.
  6. Click Subscribe to save and confirm the new subscription settings.


On the Subscription management page: 

  1. Go to HQ > Reports
  2. Select Subscription from the Report selector dropdown
  3. In the Individual Report Subscription section, you will see all active subscriptions. Click Add New Subscription to add a new subscription.
  4. Input the email, select the desired report, and select the desired frequency. Click Subscribe when ready.
  5. The new subscription will appear in the list below Individual Report Subscriptions
  6. If you want to make any changes, update a frequency by selecting the toggle and then clicking save.
  7. If you want to remove a subscription, click the X on the right and then save. You can revert the subscription before saving by clicking the redo arrow before saving.