Configure an FTP connection

Several integration partners, such as Eatec and Binwise, use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to receive Breadcrumb's data. To set up these connections, follow these steps.

  1. Receive the FTP or SFTP credentials from your software provider.
    - Server Hostname
    - Username
    - Password
  2. On HQ, go to Settings > Integration Partners
  3. Click on the FTP Credentials section
  4. Click "Add FTP" to create a new connection
  5. Input the credentials into the relevant fields
    - In the Name field, type the name of your software provider
    - Leave "Active" checked to enable the data connection
    - In the Server Hostname field, do not include the prefixes "sftp://" or "ftp://" if included by your software provider.
    - Select "ftp" or "sftp" from the Protocol dropdown
    - Check the correct report required by your software provider, either the Product Mix or Labor, to send this report.
  6. Click Save to enable the connection

With an active FTP connection, your report will be sent to the specified server at the end of every trading day.

If you no longer want to maintain this data connection, uncheck the "Active" box and save.