Account Activation

Welcome to Breadcrumb. Once you sign up, your first step is to activate your account. You will receive an email from us [Subject: Invitation to [Your Venue] on Breadcrumb Pro].

From the email, click Activate Account to get to the password create page. 

The password should be at least 8 characters long and include letters and numbers or characters. Once the password is set, press Create Account. For most users, this is the final step.

If you already have an account with Groupon using this same email address, you may get an error:


If you see ‘A Groupon account with this email already exists’, you will need to enter the password associated with that account to activate your Breadcrumb account. You can use the "forgot password" path to reset your password. 

Press the ‘Reset Password’ button to go to reset your Groupon password:

Once your password has been set, return to the original email to complete your account activation. 

Press the ‘Activate Account’ button, and then at the bottom of the page it will say ‘Already have a Groupon account?’ Press ‘Log in’

Use your email/password combo to sign in and that’s it! You’re ready to log in to the Breadcrumb app or the website.