Training: Getting Started with Breadcrumb for Owners and Managers

Welcome to Breadcrumb! We're glad that you made the decision to let Breadcrumb POS contribute to your success. 

As an owner or general manager, there are five key areas for you to understand. 

Onboarding - During this phase, we'll work with you to set up your network, menus, settings, payments and more. Learn how to get onboarded with Breadcrumb in a few simple steps. 

Settings - Breadcrumb has more than 100 features and is highly customizable so that it works best for your business. In this section, we'll cover features, capabilities and your options. 

Menu Management - Customize your menu setup to maximize your ordering efficiency, so your employees spend less time at the POS and more time serving customers.

Reports - Breadcrumb gives you a wealth of information that helps you drive profitability, retain your best employees and deliver a great experience to guests. 

In-Service Management - Breadcrumb is with you from the minute you unlock the door in the morning until you close out the night's final checkout report. Learn about the tools you'll use to improve service every night. 

Check back often as we build out a great training experience for you! 

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