Routing Chit Printing in Menu & App

Kitchen chit routing is set by selecting a Printer Group to apply to a category or item. You can also reroute chit printing on specific iPads, if needed.

Menu Kitchen Chit Routing

The best way to configure chit printing is by setting a Printer Group on each specific Category. 

  1. On HQ, go to Menus > Categories
  2. Click on the specific category you wish to set the printer group for
  3. Select the correct printer(s) from the Default Printer Group drop-down
  4. Click Save


The Printer Group set will apply to all items in that category with that default to its category's printer group.

Rerouting Kitchen Chits on the iPad

You can reroute specific categories to print at a different printer group than specified on the menu setup by customizing each iPad's print settings. You can set categories to print to a new printer group or to not print at all from this page. Learn how to configure iPad-specific printer settings.

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